ARGUS GEO SYSTEM s.r.o. is a company providing following services:

   aerial photography, photography for remote sensing and aerial surveys using speciality sensors    (lidar, thermovision, hyperspectral scanner, e.t.c.)
   complete laboratory treatment of negativ and positiv photographic materials
   data for aerotriangulation and direct georeferencing (post-processing)
   archiving aerial images

Company ARGUS GEO SYSTEM s.r.o. was established in 1994 by a team of specialist with long time experience in the field of aerial photography. The company is enlisted in business register at regional court of Hradec Kralove section C, rider 5836.

ARGUS GEO SYSTEM s.r.o. headquarters is placed in Hradec Kralove, branch office in Ostrava.

The goal of company ARGUS GEO SYSTEM s.r.o. is to offer customers and business partners quality products and services.