Providing aerial photography

Location Hradec Kralove,
scale 1 : 4 000, 14.8. 2005
  photogrammetric mapping
Location Highway-Pilsn,
scale 1 : 3 500, 6.5. 2003
  digital terrain model
Location Tusimice,
scale 1 : 5 000


Aerial photography for remote sensing

  vegetation health status
  vegetation maps
Location Srni,
scale 1 : 10 000, 13.7. 1994

  environmental pollution


Thermovision scanning

  detecting tectonical breaks
  detecting underground structures
 localize of underground fire of a dump
Underground fire of a dump, Hermanice,
20.11. 2003.
  detecting heat losses
  detecting pollution of rivers


Scanning with hyperspectral sensor AISA Eagle

  vegetation health status
Location Bily Kriz,
18.9. 2004
  detecting damaged ameliorations


Postprocessing of aerial data

 processing of data from dual frequency GPS Z-Fly
 determination of image centers using GPS (determination of x,y,z during exposure)
 processing of IMU data
 input data for aerotriangulation
 determination of exterior orientation parameters
 data for direct georeferencing

Laboratory treatment

  laboratory treatment of color negativ materials, process C-41
  laboratory treatment of black and white negativ materials


  laboratory treatment of color prints (paper and transparencies),
  Scanatron copier P-11CC, process RA-4

  laboratory treatment of black and white prints, Scanatron copier P-11CC


Providing archive images

  providing archive images from the whole territory of Czech republic